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06 accord throwing 13 codes suddenly

Check the voltage at the battery. If the voltage is low, it could be enough to start/run the car, but not enough for the electronics, which will throw a ton of stupid codes and dash lights. Voltage ...
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Low rumble/groaning noise when come to a slow stop

A sticky caliper pin or misaligned brake pads could be the reason. This guide is quite helpful:
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Changing rear differential fluid - Is there need to top-off the fluid?

I fill my diffs until the oil starts leaking out of the fill hole. The manual for my car says that 'full' is 5mm (or so) below the fill hole, which is impossible to accurately do. So filling until ...
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2019 Honda HRV Monitor Catalyst, EVAP, 02, EGR saying "not ready"

Just driving the vehicle will sometimes NOT get you where you need to be. What you need to complete is a drive cycle. A drive cycle is a specific set of driving conditions which need to be met. Here ...
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