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Honda SH 150i 2005 Battery Questions

Battery charges up to 13.6V and maybe a little bit less. Is it a normal charging level or should it be more ? That is perfectly good as far as voltage goes. Right where I'd expect it. NOTE: This does ...
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Honda Civic 2002 strange OBDII pinout Generic readers decode P type errors as they're related to emissions. Your ...
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2016 Honda CRV - Radio Buttons Falling Off

There are a couple of reddit subs which are configured for people to request 3D printed models to be designed/constructed and to be printed. Often enough, the model designer can print the object. If ...
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STEAM coming from under the hood?

I had a similar problem & here's what I learned. The leak is small so it will not come back in one day. The coolant can get so hot that it may bubble out the overflow bottle. You will hear it &...

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