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If the cooling system is drained, it needs to be refilled and all air needs to be removed. The mechanic turns the heater on to allow coolant through the heater core to be sure all air is being removed. It's part of the burping process.


If you press 1&6 for 15 seconds & then while still holding 1&6 down press the power button 4 numbers will pop up just press 2 & the radio will be back to normal! I just had to do it to my 2005 Honda Accord! Hope this helps! God bless!


One of two things. Either the key itself is fouled (electronics or transmitter is broken) or the vehicle itself has lost track of the key. In the first scenario, you'll need to get a new key and get it programmed. In the second scenario, you'll most likely need to take it back to the dealership and have it reprogrammed. The first scenario seems more likely.


I own two, count 'em, two Honda Civics. One is a 2003 Civic EX while Civic number two is a 2012 Si. Both are great cars. The '03 is bullet proof has low miles for the year ( 158,000 ) and has only required routine maintenance and the occasional light bulb. It feels new. I highly recommend the 7th gen. The '012 Si is like the EX's rowdy brother. It has the 2....


There are a series of videos on the 'net for vehicle towing operations. In many of the videos, the vehicle is locked, in park, and towed. One can see the differential working in that the wheel on the visible side is rotating in reverse, while ostensibly the opposite wheel is turning in the direction of travel. One such collection is gtoger, but there are ...


From your description it sounds like you might have two problems. It does sound as though your thermostat needs changed (overheating). The second thing you need to check is if the relays to your fans are working. Check your relays by switching them out with other ones to see if they are working. You might be able to check your fans by turning on the A/C as ...

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