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The PCM compares engine speed to vehicle speed. If there is a difference between the two (slippage), the PMC will set code P1870. So, disconnecting the TCC solenoid will prevent lock up, but you'll have to clear the code every time you drive above 50 MPH for a five minute period. All city driving at 45 MPH and under, screw it, disconnect the TCC and call it ...


This sounds like one of 2 things to me: The engine is fine, but the engine or transmission mountings have come loose or failed. These must be replaced every so often The engine is running rough, maybe a cylinder is misfiring which is causing the engine to vibrate First, I would get under the hood and look at the ignition system. Look for loose, damaged or ...


It should not hurt the gearbox but it won't save you any fuel either. Modern engines, and a TDI (i.e. diesel) is in this category, use virtually no fuel when coasting. If you shift to N you will likely use more fuel since the ECU will need to add fuel to keep the engine turning.

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