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This a similar setup to a pilot bushing fitting in to a crankshaft. The tried and true method of backyard mechanics involves grease and a wooden dowel. Find a wooden dowel slightly larger than the inside diameter of the bushing. Sand the dowel so it fits snuggly in to the bushing. Pack the bushing full of grease. Insert the dowel and tap it with a hammer. ...


Knowing that a Ford engine has gone 1.1 million miles with proper care; why subscribe to letting you think something other than performing maintenance might lead to a known point where once damage has occurred: one might get the vehicle back into a fully functional operation short of correcting all the damage to the point of all specifications restored. ...


That is the sound of the engine hitting the rev limiter and it prevents excessive rpm which can eventually destroy an engine, Some engines, well the early ones, had rev limiters in the distributors and were easily removed / altered. I had to remove one for a customer as the "road" version was limited to 6000rpm, while the "rally" version ...


One time I had the same problem. The fault was in a pulley that had bad bearings. I replaced the pulley. Problem fixed.


Sounds like one or both of your front shocks have worn out. Replace them in pairs! Both fronts, both rears, you get the idea.

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