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This one turns out to have been very misleading. Since posting this question the engine roughness got increasingly worse to the point that it felt like it was on the verge of stalling with any load, including just putting the transmission in drive at a stop! The day I received the replacement fuel pump the check engine light finally came on for the first ...


The "classic" warning light was connected between battery positive and the alternator output. This would then exhibit various states of illumination, which with experience, would tell one what was wrong without having to do all the tests stated in the workshop manual. So, if the light was on solid bright then the alternator was not charging and ...


That the battery shows 13.6v when no current is being drawn from it doesn't prove the battery is OK. The battery may be damaged or old, and capable of showing good voltage (like 13.6) only with no load; when a load is applied, the voltage may instantaneously drop to, for instance, 8v. Your analysis and diagnosis will be more accurate if you first determine ...


The ground that is connected to your fuse box, inside the truck isn't keeping it's connection. Check there🙂

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