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Brake pedal to the floor

NOTE: Translation of text from Google Translate - You should have the brake booster checked and/or maintained. What you are commenting on is an indication of this failure. I hope my comment is useful ...
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Transit Mk7 Rear Hub won't go onto axle

After walking away for a while, I decided to use a hub puller (winding type, not slide hammer). Turns out the bearing had moved somehow in the hub, possibly due to the amount of chiseling/beating it ...
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Low rumble/groaning noise when come to a slow stop

A sticky caliper pin or misaligned brake pads could be the reason. This guide is quite helpful:
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Identifying brake related noise when slowly letting it off

Introduction "slowly letting go of the brakes makes this low hollow sound for a second. It's almost likcue if you step on a creaking hardwood floor" I love that you compared this noise to ...
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