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I've had rotors smoke on the first real usage after install many times with ceramic brake pads. This is NOT abnormal ... unnerving, but not abnormal. I don't know if the pads were ceramic, but there you go. If the smoking continues every time you drive the car, there's an issue. If you don't see it anymore, then it shouldn't be a problem. The reason for the ...


It isn't really possible or sustainable for a manual transmission car to move so slow that the engine would bog in first gear. In traffic, you have to "game" that by stopping, starting, coasting, rinse wash repeat. You try to spread out those intervals as far as you can (without opening distance so much that other cars change into your lane). ...


This is fairly normal. It will take some time for the pads and the rotors to wear a bit, and then braking performance will improve. One thing you can do to accelerate that is to dismount the rotors and hit them with some 80 grit sandpaper. Scratch them up good. It will help your pads and rotors seat properly.


Corrosion had nothing to do with the disc wear; I would find a different garage rather than one that does not understand disc wear. Disc wear depends on the pad material , metal filled and ceramic causing more wear than organic . At 85,000 my rotors show no wear with organic pads , but the organics would not hold up to severe conditions like road racing.

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