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A complete answer for clio 5 sce 65 engine oil must be on the label : norm RN 17 , ACEA C3 , API SN . Norm RN 17 : Compatible for all engine gasoline (except RS and ALPINE) and for new diesel engines Euro 6 from June 2018 and Diesel not equipped with FAP. Backward compatibility on RN 0700 and RN0710 standards.


It's important at this point to determine if you really have an oil pressure problem or not. You really cannot do this with an oil sensor since that simply gives a YES/NO answer. The next thing you want to do is get an actual oil pressure gauge along with the needed fittings to adapt it to your vehicle and measure the pressure according to the manufacturer'...


The current spec is API-SN or SN+, either of which meets or exceeds all the requirements for your Renault. You can purchase Castrol if you like and I've found that often that brand is reasonably priced. Sometimes other brands are on sale.

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