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Oil consumption shouldn't matter whether in a high or low state. The engine will use it at the same rate. There is nothing there telling an engine: You're low on oil! Burn, baby, Burn! I would say, though, if an engine is run extremely low on oil, you'd see the rest of the oil in it come out faster. This would be due to an extreme amount of wear going on. ...


It sounds wrong, but the best solution is to take it to a dealer for an oil change. The cost isn't that much (often, cheaper than the oil change stores out there), and they'll get that plug out. They will then put a new plug in if needed; yes, you'd have to pay for it, but you'd have to buy one anyway if the old one was destroyed.


Try something like this. They've worked for me. (


You have three options; work on the bolt to remove it (possibly drilling it out, etc), remove the entire sump and order a replacement (they are surprisingly inexpensive) or change the oil with a pela style suction pump that extracts the old oil without removing the sump plug.


If you use an oil catch can designed to catch the oil and fuel vented from the engine in line of the the PCS valve hose and vent the other end into the intake you are still 100 percent legal. It will also help the engine because you are not coating the intake side of the engine and valves with oil and fuel deposits that over time rob you of power. I would ...

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