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In the pix you sent, where is the block drain?


Drive to the nearest place with the proper antifreeze. Watch your temperature gage. If it gets hot on the way, pull over shut it off and wait for it to cool. Then add the water that you bring with you. If you make it to the store let it cool and add antifreeze. Go to a parts store and have them ready your codes. Then have your cooling system checked for ...


Low coolant will not cause a lack of power, but overheating can cause a power loss. This may be causing the check engine light, or it could be a different problem. You can add some water as a temporary measure to get yourself to an auto parts store, while you are there ask them to read your OBD codes, these are on-board diagnostic codes which may give a clue ...


You could or you could backfeed the hot out of the block after removing the thermostat then reverse the flow after. Flushing tends to be needed if it is overheating, as you have not mentioned any issue like that then if it is running fine then just change the coolant and put in fresh antifreeze or anticorrosion as specified.

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