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The answer was both. The battery had died and died short, which over time messed up the alternator. I was fine for a while because the alternator only acted up at high heat. Had to replace both the battery, the alternator, and the battery wiring (too badly corroded to get off the old battery.) The moral of the story is to change your battery from time to ...


An 8 year old battery is definitely due for replacement and could very well be the issue. A quick and easy way to test the alternator after you have installed the new battery is to use a volt meter. I used to work at Interstate Battery and we would do it after every battery install to make sure the new battery would be getting a proper charge. You simply put ...


Pull the battery, take it to a shop and ask them to perform a discharge test. They might want to keep it in to charge it overnight, or you might want to charge it with an external car battery charger yourself. If the battery passes the discharge test, then you could have a faulty alternator.


Assuming everything else is ok, like clutch disk springs, gearbox, differential, and joints, maybe you should change the original rubber engine and gearbox mounts with polyurethane ones. Installing a torque damper also helps. I own a car repair shop, and I never touched any 1988 Accord (I think I never even see any), but you should find these parts to buy in ...

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