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2016 Honda CRV - Radio Buttons Falling Off

After even more buttons fell off than the original photo, I eventually took the advice of buying a refurbished model and replaced the whole thing. There was no other reasonable solution I could come ...
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Radio static with wheels at certain position

If you have aftermarket accessories installed, such as off-road lighting or additional electrical components, check if they are interfering with the antenna or radio system. Improperly installed ...
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Door unlocking with signal sent over a phone call

You said: After hearing this I have tried with my coworkers and manage to unlock some of the cars via phone, but not every car on the parking. Let me guess how you did this: Your co-worker gives you ...
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Door unlocking with signal sent over a phone call

I'm not sure how that'd work, because a phone only transmits/transfers sound, not electromagnetic radio waves which you'd find being sent out by a remote. Mythbusters even did a piece on this calling ...
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