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Why does my Ford Focus 2018 not go past 55mph?

Your mechanic could be correct. The ford focus had numerous issues over the years with the DPS6 dual clutch transmission. What I would do is have it scanned for codes and see if any transmission codes ...
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Engine braking with an automatic transmission

I have never owned or worked on a CVT vehicle so this is nothing more than educated speculation on my part. That said I know that CVT's are far more likely to fail from normal driving than a ...
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When reinstalling a transmission what other components should be replaced?

what's the best way to clean out the inside of the transmission to eliminate the metal ? Without a complete teardown, clean up, and rebuild, there's just about no way to ensure you've cleaned up all ...
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Any way to find transmission number without taking the gear box out?

Here is an example of the location of the identification number stamped to a transmission. Hope that helps.
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