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Found the answer -- it's the transmission vent.


It will take about 10 seconds to rule out a radiator leak. Touch your finger to it then touch your tongue , sweet is antifreeze , then spit . Relax, I did not say to drink it.


Lolly stick with sticky tape... but look at the grille - there may be plugs or the edge shape may indicate it is held down by hidden clips. Make one stick with the tape securely connected with a long tongue. Use a second stick to push the tape onto the phone. Then it is down to dexterity and being able to visualise the situation - working « blind » is a ...


It looks like it's a bit too far out, however, let me pose a couple of questions: Are there any modifications to the truck? (ie: is it lifted) Does the driveshaft move at all in the up/down or left right directions? If the answers to these two questions are "no", I'd suggest you've pretty much don't have much to worry about. The amount which is &...

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