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Shifting into park engages the parking pawl inside the transmission and physically locks up the gears. If that mechanism was engaged at sufficient speed and no safety existed to prevent it, most likely the pawl would be wrecked, although other components could also fail. In any case, catastrophic damage would have manifested symptoms right away, probably ...


If indeed damage was done, you'll know it soon enough. What's a mechanic going to do? Disassemble the transmission and look for damage? That's going to cost about as much as a rebuild, if that's even possible. Many CVTs are not repairable in the field anyway and the manufacturers just sell the entire transmission as an FRU. I'd just let it go and not ...


While it's definitely not good to do this, if it's running/driving fine, you've most likely suffered no damage. Considering the speed at which you did it was so low wasn't very fast and shouldn't have put a lot of stress on the drivetrain. If there was going to be a problem it would most likely have manifested right away.

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