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My Toyota Corolla 2009 Le 1.8l fuel consumption too high

Compression test the engine - if you have low compression, you will have poor fuel economy - (this is how you test for the intake valve concern the other poster metioned) Use the OBD scan tool to ...
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What are the consequences for having a mismatched inner diameter for an exhaust system

Headers should not be changed, unless you know what you are doing. Otherwise everything that goes from headers to rear wont have much affect on your performance. Only way you would see decreased ...
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Is a serpentine/fan belt squeal harmful?

It squeals on startup because the alternator is making the most power at that time. The battery has been lowered a bit by the engine start, and the alternator is refilling that. Since the battery was ...
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Is a serpentine/fan belt squeal harmful?

The biggest problem is usually with the alternator not charging correctly. It is usually where the slippage occurs. It doesn't really cause damage per se, but rather the voltage irregularities might ...

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