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It's better to charge it with a normal several amp charger in this case than to fast charge it with the car's alternator. It may also take a bit of time for the car's alternator to get it started charging at the beginning of the cycle and to top it off at the end which will waste gas. There may be a cell imbalance in the battery which will take much longer ...


For most of this, I would bet you'd get this through testing, not through what the manufacturer specs say. The only one which would be specs would be cylinder (number of cylinders) and displacement (total displacement of the engine). It should be pretty easy to tell the number of cylinders just through looking at the engine (in most cases). Displacement just ...


I would suggest the clutch is wearing, but is probably working just fine for the mean time. If a clutch is truly going bad, it will slip. To test whether it's slipping or not, put it in 3rd or 4th gear and see if it bites and kills the engine or if it revs up before it catches and allows the vehicle to go forward. If it does the latter, your clutch is going ...


The usual cause of white/oily smoke on first startup is oil that has collected in the cylinder while the engine is stopped. There may be some burning while the engine is running but it's often less noticeable. Most common root cause is worn and leaking valve guides or seals. Oil is pulled from the cylinder head above the valve through the seal along the ...


We had little black spots all over our Motorhome We tried Allsorts the only thing that got them off was Pink Stuff paste and a sponge this was amazing. Pink Stuff available from £1 shops


The car and phone must be Android Auto wireless compatible. The cars owners manual should indicate if it's available on your Toyota. Also the dealership may have a tech person to help you out.

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