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The Horn relay that you have shown is made for cars and trucks, where the horn button only connects to the body. Grounds it. But from what you say, the switch on your bike seems to supply +ve, hence, as Ed comment you need to rewire it, to supply ground. If you do not want to do that, then go for the four terminal relay. That circuit i assume you already ...


It is difficult to say if the factory harness is better than the aftermarket unit from U-Haul or other specialty supplier. The quality can be as good as Subarus' or a universal unit designed to attach to almost anything with the use of adapters. The fact that the wiring was pinched in the trunk lid during normal use leads me to believe that it is a ...


I've been driving a throttle-by-wire car for a few years now. I personally don't care for it. The throttle is "soft", meaning when you blip the throttle when downshifting it gets a very weak response. It's "soft" in a number of other situations, too, but the blipping the throttle thing is what reminds me every day how much I dislike TBW. All my previous cars ...


Why copper? Because it is soft without being too plastic and easy to obtain. It is also highly conductive both thermally and electrically. Why do it? The terminal no longer clamps the post. The post is too small or the clamp is too large. This creates a sleeve. The thread on that bolt may also be stripped or seized. It is very commonly done to just hammer ...


I think your guess will be correct. The clamp has probably been over-tightened in the past, has stretched and is no longer giving a good tight connection. The copper will have been added to act as a shim to make a tight connection.


I would consider a relay and a handful of diodes (so preventing backfeeds) to supply the fan when ignition is off. But diodes for 40A may not be practical, you could set up the relay to choose between two supplies ie normal and permanent though.


I agree. My 13 c300 4matic was not working for some time. My brake "hold" mode didnt work either. Finally this AM the FB signal on my car battery was low. I just got started on what was a very weak start. After installation of a new Champion AGM battery, both started working almost immediately. Now works all the time I almost forgot this was an ...


Hyundai makes lots of different models. Do a search for shift interlock problems on your year, make, model. That's what the system is called.


As @alephzero said in the comments, this very much depends on the problem - so the first thing to do is to identify the symptoms you're experiencing. Look at the problem you've got, and work out what part, or parts of the electrical system are affected. If it's more than one thing, then the key question is "what do these things have in common?" - for ...

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