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Can I reconnect a battery to pull up windows while alternator is out?

Yes, it should not cause any issues. Just ensure the larger red wire which would usually be connected to the alternator is isolated so it won't come in contact with a ground. As long as you do this, ...
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My Honda Odessey loses power all of sudden while driving

Check for a loose ground strap from the battery to the engine block or metal of frame.There must be a good ground for anything to work. It is a common connections to all systems,so if it is ...
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Weak spark with OK coil resistances

Well, turns out sometimes the easy answer is also the correct answer. One of the coils was bad, the other came back eventually. Installed a new one on the side with the values I had measured above and ...
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Is it possible to hack/automate my 2015 Honda Odyssey to keep the heat on all night, restarting the engine as needed?

If you run your car with the heat on (blower running) until the engine is warm, and then turn off the engine and continue running your heat blower, heat will continue coming out of the vents for just ...
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Classic 350 Engine turns off while turning the handle bar to the left

I had the same problem with my RE Classic 350. The issue is that the 12V starting coil supply gets grounded somehow as you turn your handle bar and shuts the supply to spark plugs resulting in engine ...
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