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Is there any ecu(engine control unit)in a 70 cc bike like Honda cd 70?

There are small engines with an ECU (e.g. the Honda Monkey with a 125ccm motor), but the Honda CD 70 does not have an ECU (the closest it has is an electronic ignition system). Engine size is not the ...
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Does a new motorcycle headlight need to have the exact power consumption specs as the old one to avoid overworking the regulator rectifier?

A lower wattage lamp will draw less power. There is no "unused power flowing through the headlight that has to be got rid of." There should only be a problem if you install a lamp with a ...
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Kawasaki GPz1100A1 blink/error codes

This is what the Kawasaki factory service manual says: Pulses of green light can be seen through the inspection hole in the control unit. Arrangement of long and short pulses express the trouble ...
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