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According to the answers I got on my question: "What are these hoses sticking out", that rubber hose is a fuel tank overflow hose. "A very full fuel tank can sometimes overflow a bit because of heat and sloshing around". "the overflow hoses are there to channel gasoline (...) away from the rider and onto the ground so you don't start ...


My bike was doing the same thing if it 2002 Honda Shadow vlx 600 and what it ends up being was my positive wire from the battery to the solenoid had got hot so it was making a bad connection and making my life surge in the bike run very bad missing on acceleration and everything I replace the wire bike runs like brand new


The usual direction of rotation for a motorcycle engine with chain or belt drive, is the same as the driven wheel. This allows a "straight-through" ratio where the gearbox does not use the lay shaft. For other ratios, the direction is reversed onto the lay shaft and then reversed again onto the output shaft. The position of the inlet and outlet ...


The parts diagram shows 14 fasteners. Qty. 8, 2, and 4 of #5, #6, and #8 respsectively. After that you should be able to separate the cover from the cylinder head. If it won't come off with gentle tapping, try prying with a paint scraper or similar thin bladed tool. You'll want to be careful not to scratch the surface of the cylinder head. If you have a ...


I have done this sort of thing many times on a KTM 1290 super adventure with the same tires as you - no issues at all. I am not an off road rider at all. Just take it slow, upright, stay off the front brake and be gentle with the controls and you should be fine. Enjoy yor trip!


Those are the fuel tank overflow and coolant overflow hoses. A very full fuel tank can sometimes overflow a bit because of heat and sloshing around, overheating coolant causes pressure which needs to be released, the overflow hoses are there to channel gasoline and hot coolant away from the rider and onto the ground so you don't start on fire or get severe ...


One is fuel tank breather (used to let air into the fuel tank) also overfill hose when you fill your tank let it in sun gasoline might expand and overfill. other one is coolant overflow ( when you fill too much coolant and when coolant get hot it expands and might overflow ) nothing to worry about those exist on every bike.


There is probably an aftermarket cable available. Also there are kits to make up cables (in the UK Venhill make a large kit for this). Failing that try the local classic bike places who can probably make up a cable.


I used to have a roll of the inner cable aka Bowden cable and a separate roll of the outer cable with various ends. Meant I could make replacement cables for many things. For odd ends I even resucued them from the old cable by drilling out the old cable and soldering in the new. Usually supplied by larger automotive suppliers, something for you to search for....

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