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Yes, it makes DIY homebrewing an EV much easier. The presence of a manual transmission washes away much of the engineering needed to torque-match the motor to the application. It's very easy in a homebrew EV to find that your motor lacks the torque to climb a hill, or has way more torque than you need for hill-climbing, but "revs out" when you get ...


It isn't really possible or sustainable for a manual transmission car to move so slow that the engine would bog in first gear. In traffic, you have to "game" that by stopping, starting, coasting, rinse wash repeat. You try to spread out those intervals as far as you can (without opening distance so much that other cars change into your lane). ...


If you're talking a new computer-controlled automatic, then it'd be a matter of copying the software. However it won't work with old school automatics. They do all that with hydraulic pressure differential. In fact, automatic transmissions shift using a complex (for hydraulics) hydraulic computer called a "valve body". This is fed via pressurized ...


Manual transmissions do not need a park feature because they will stay in gear when the engine is turned off. An automatic on the other hand, will not stay in gear with the engine turned off and therefore needs a park feature.

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