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Motorcycle clutch

Perhaps a snapped clutch cable. This is assuming that your unit is not a hydraulic clutch.
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Clutch Judder That Goes Away After Driving

Sounds like the shop is full of it. And no oil won't burn off. 99% u need a new clutch and maybe flywheel. I wouldn't waste more time on it just replace it and move on with life.
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Did I just break my starter motor?

I've accidently started my sports car when I was away on an assignment and forgot that I left it in first gear on an inclined driveway with parking brake on. The car lurched then I realized I forgot ...
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Did I just break my starter motor?

It definitely isn't good to do this to a starter, but if it is still working you probably don't have much to worry about. The thing about electric motors is, they provide a quantitative amount of ...
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