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Looking at available parts for the Rogue (I've seen a few Rogues with the lettering rearranged on the tailgate to spell Rouge), it still has the conventional arrangement almost all small vehicles have now - a conventional rack without any power assistance, and a shaft linkage to the column that incorporates the electric power assistance motor at the bottom. ...


When you replace a battery in a nissan that has an electronic throttle body, you must perform a throttle body relearn procedure. Did you do that? If not, you'll wind up with a surging idle since it no longer remembers the home position.


I just did this job today on a 2005 Nissan Pulsar (Australia) Dropped the pan, dropped out the screen, was smart enough to do a diagram of the bolt sizes for each hole, but what hey!!!!!!! Why won’t this last filter screen bolt tighten up!!!!!! Now I’ve found this post explaining that it’s an ongoing problem, I figure it’s one bolt holding the screen To ...


Your symptoms sound much more like a problem with the alternator/charging system. If the car is running, the charging system should be taking most of the load even if the battery is no good, and it generally sounds like yours is having trouble keeping up with the normal demands of the vehicle. Definitely get your alternator tested. (I have personally been in ...


You pretty much hit the nail on the head with "original battery". A decent battery will last 3-5 years before it starts to fail/cause issues, so first port of call will be to a store to get a new like-for-like battery. Beyond that, your alternator might be failing but you should get a new battery anyway.


The coolant reservoir is located directly behind the driver's seat under the carpet (not in the floor, but in the raised part). Pop open the carpet, take out the black screw, and slide out the metal cover. It's a bit tight back there - but, that's where you'll find it! Happy hunting

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