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Many years ago I had a similar problem, it turned out to be the boot light was staying on causing a small current drain. A very helpful garage mechanic climbed in the boot to find it.


If the evaporator becomes iced , much less or no air will blow through it an the AC will not cool the car. It probably will not "harm" anything , the AC will just work poorly , likely including the defrosters.


The module that contains the door code data is the SJB on older modules and BCM on newer models. Usually located under drivers area. Some people will just call it a fuse box. Edit, I just checked a few fusion sjbs/bcms I have laying around the shop and I do not see any with the door codes printed on the older ones. I do believe I see it on the newer models ...


Do you have issue turning the key while it is in Park or an issue with getting the car to start in Park? Either problem is likely an adjustment issue, or a defective neutral safety switch. The neutral safety switch prevent the engine from turning over in any position except in Park or neutral. The issues with leaving it in neutral are you can't remove the ...


Cruise control throttle cable/linkage/actuator.


The short of this is yes, you MAY have damaged your rear brakes. The only way to tell for sure is to have them inspected by a mechanic (or if you know what you are doing, inspect them yourself) and determine if there has been damage, what is the extent of it, and what (if anything) needs to be fixed. In some cases the damage is just premature wear of the ...

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