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ford connect clutch?

Did you double check the parking brake? Do you know for certain if your rear parking brake is automatically adjusted with use? How many miles/kilometers are on the odometer?
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Brake pedal to the floor

NOTE: Translation of text from Google Translate - You should have the brake booster checked and/or maintained. What you are commenting on is an indication of this failure. I hope my comment is useful ...
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Transit Mk7 Rear Hub won't go onto axle

After walking away for a while, I decided to use a hub puller (winding type, not slide hammer). Turns out the bearing had moved somehow in the hub, possibly due to the amount of chiseling/beating it ...
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1948 Ford Farm Tractor

If it wasn't running, there's not much chance that any harm was done. You don't say what machine, but the starter is most likely a series-wound motor, so the spin direction is always the same ...
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Check Engine on, raster says it's EGR on Ford Ranger 95 STX

I fixed this warning by replacing the EGR and the DPF valves, and now the engine is more responsive and no more Check Engine light on.
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Fuse keeps blowing, "wrench" light is illuminated, and poor start-up idle and acceleration

Following the suggestion by @Pᴀᴜʟsᴛᴇʀ2, I disconnected all of the components listed in the question. Using my multimeter, I confirmed that there was no longer a short on that circuit. I then inspected ...
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