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It seems to me your problem is the master cylinder is not holding pressure. More than likely this will need to get replaced. I'm not sure on your vehicle if it can be replaced by it self or if you have to replace it along with the slave cylinder. One temporary solution is to put the vehicle in neutral while sitting still, taking your foot off of the clutch ...

2 shows the gap for the two different NGK Iridium plugs listed (95853 & 6509) for your F-150 5.0 to be 0.052". With that in mind, most plugs of this type are set from the factory. They'll usually state "Do Not Gap" on the box. Ensure you check to see if this is true with your plugs before you start bending on things.


Look above where the front passenger's feet go. Sometimes they kick up, near the fuse box (which lowers down) and knock bits off. Look especially where the fuse box raises and lowers.


Charge the battery properly or replace it, then test the electrics. The charger probably does not have the ouptut to run all those items.


To me it seems as though it might be low on refrigerant. Probably not hugely low, but low nonetheless. I'd take it to an A/C repair shop and get it tested. I bet you'll find it needs to be topped off. You could possibly DIY this, however, if you get it wrong you can end up blowing out seals from putting too much refrigerant in it (it also depends on what ...

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