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What happens if you get a check engine light and there's nothing wrong with the engine

I'd have it scanned. Even if it still runs fine, there's definitely a code there. Oddly enough, my mother owns a '97 geo tracker that the light's been on since 2000, and nothing we do can fix it. ...
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Motor shake and loud when accelerating

Undue vibration under acceleration is often caused by worn motor/engine mounts. A quick and easy way to diagnose this to watch the engine: Open the hood, start the engine, watch the engine and have ...
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I have a P0456 very small evaporator emission leak

Driving with a small evap leak will not harm your vehicle. Try checking your gas cap, and if it is loose, tighten it. It's unlikely that an evap leak would cause hesitation when you accelerate. Check ...
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What control the RPM of an engine?

after help of members of this community and a lot of search i found that the engine RPM is controlled by how much fuel is injected into the cylinder, in combination with air intake. To be more ...
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When does it make sense to replace a camshaft?

I drove a an old car for 1/2 hour to my urgent destination. It was losing power but I didn't know why. It turned out to be losing water and overheated. The camshaft snapped shortly before I arrived ...
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Can i drive my 2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee 100 miles to a mechanic with a misfiring cylinder?

In addition to the problems paulster2 cited in his Answer, it should be stated that spraying fuel into a misfiring cylinder where it won't be combusted properly is called "washing" the ...
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