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1983 chevy s-10 engine swap w 350

More than likely you would be able to mate the transmission bellhousing to the engine, as I believe they are the same for the V6 and V8. The flywheel will bolt to your engine, so that's part of the ...
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2003 Chevy Silverado

There are several reasons, all of which are reasonably large problems: The spark plug is missing. One or more of the valves is broken or stuck. The piston is messed up or the piston rings are damaged....
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Mouse nest debris

For the belt to slip, there would need to be a large increase in load on the valves stopping them opening. I could see how debris could become stuck behind a valve and stop the valve closing properly,...
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05 Buick lacrosse

It's of little significance especially in the short-term. Besides, you diluted the SAE30 with the existing 5W30. The difference is that SAE30 is "straight" weight oil. The 5W in 5W-30 ...
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Oil change and no oil question

Oil systems are reliable if done correctly, hoses don't just burst out of nowhere. I agree with the opinion that the shop made a mistake. The first thing to do is blame the last person who touched it (...

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