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Grinding Noise, Engine is Totaled. Is it possible the grinding noise is literally the piston hitting/scraping-against the metal of the engine?

Not hearing the car myself, the guy who said, "that's not how it works" is pretty much spot on to me. The only way you are going to hear metal-on-metal noise coming from the pistons is if it ...
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What is the damage causing and caused by, a diesel run-on?

A diesel runaway is caused from exactly what you stated, that being there is fuel (since oil can burn, it is a fuel in this case, too) in the intake tract which makes its way to the combustion chamber ...
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What does it mean that my 2014 Fiat 500L has a "three-time engine"? (or maybe three-stroke)

Upon further inspection and towards what @tobyd stated, Fiat didn't put a 3-cylinder into the 500L. If that is what the mechanic was thinking, I'd suggest you find a different mechanic. Obviously he's ...
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Should I lube the engine block bore before inserting a metal tube?

There is no problem with lubricating the tube prior to insertion. It will not create any issues for you. Something to consider is, what are you actually sealing against? If you are trying to contain ...
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Can I disable a cylinder on my 2009 Ford Ranger?

The easiest way to disable the cylinder is to pull the connector on the fuel injector. This will prevent fuel from entering the cylinder and then there is no way for excess fuel to build up. The spark ...
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Misfiring cylinder - does the ECM disable it?

No, the computer would not disable the cylinder due to misfiring. That would make the engine run absolutely horribly at idle, and with 1/4 the power missing, probably shake the engine right off its ...
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Metal in engine, how does this happen in F-150s?

Run, do not walk, away from this shop. And never go back. You need to find a competent, reliable and honest mechanic. This shop appears to be expert at only one thing: ripoff. Do yourself a favor and ...
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Corolla idle fluctuation and noise

I also found a video that was very helpful and gives you a good idea of what the butterfly valve & inside of the throttle body looks like. He also explains how to clean it and what kind of cleaner ...
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Loud grind like noise and starts gettin hot what could it be

The way I understand it, the car starts to overheat - then there's loud noise and the temperature goes down. The noise is periodic. Is this correct? This is likely related to the cooling fan - either ...
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Remanufactured 5.3 engine not firing on one bank

The last one I did the #2 side was firing when first started then after about 30 to 45 seconds the whole side would miss . I found corrosion in the under hood fuse block around the #1 and #2 fuse ...

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