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The ECU controls the fuel pump by providing it a ground. If you have a wiring diagram you could find the pin on the ECU connector and see if it's ~0 volts to ground for a few seconds after turning the key to start. 'Most grounds are ok' sounds suspicious. Or maybe find the fuel pump connector (under back seat?)and GUESS which one is the ground pin and jumper ...


If it is a manual transmission, the clutch is worn out and about to fail and leave you stranded, get it replaced. If it is an automatic the transmission is failing and may leave you stranded, get it rebuilt or replaced.


If jumping the terminals at the relay made the pump work, then there is no point in checking the wiring from the fuse box to the pump, since you have just proved that it is OK. Things to try - Swapping the relay with an identical one from your fusebox - This will test the pump relay in another circuit and also try a known good one in the pump relay circuit....

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