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HID bulbs don't dim over time like halogen bulbs simply because they don't have a filament. HID bulbs produce an arc. As a filament deteriorates, it deposits a metallic film inside the bulb. That's what reduces light output. That doesn't happen with HID. HID systems have an ignitor, ballast and bulb. The ignitor generates very high voltage to start the arc....


Your vehicle is 17 years old and the problem is that your HID lamps have aged and no longer produce as much light as they did when newer. Most brands are rated at about 2000 hours of lifetime which would easily be exceeded in 17 years. HID Life Expectancy


From a circuit diagram I have found on the internet (if it is correct for your car), it looks like there is a pair of headlight relays in a fuse box under the hood. These relays switch the +12V to the headlights. It looks to me that if one of the relays fails, then the +12 will find its way through all 4 bulbs making them all light when switched to high ...

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