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Most Auto on headlights I am familiar with use a photo sensor mounted in the dash pad. It is in the center of the dash close to the base of the windshield. By covering it with a piece of black tape the sensor will think it is dark outside. Then headlights along with the dash panel lights will illuminate when the vehicle is in the operational mode. The ...


I'm not very sure as in Europe you can leave the headlights switch on and they automatically go off when you open the door, also there is DRL's in europe. I've heard that the US models have it wired but it's disabled in the cars computer. The AUTO setting can not be adjusted and no car has a feature to keep the headlights on 100% of the time in the AUTO ...


The ballasts are typically the issue....poor design at the very bottom of the headlight housing makes them very sensitive to moisture. Fuses will not fix the issue. Here are typical errors codes for such problems enter image description here


I did as Solar Mark suggested and tried to replace it with an H4 bulp. It was a perfect fit.


Adjust them so they're a little more dipped since you can afford to do that as you've more light than what's necessary for someone who isn't blind

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