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Check the starter motor is it well attached to the bell housing i once experienced the same problem but on a Mercedes Benz and later found out i had loose starter bolts. If it bolted nice and tight then the problem might be within the starter motor maybe a faulty starter solenoid . Then check all the wiring harness


Connecting rod may have broken. Checking if any symptoms like oil leaks, crank noise in engaged gear might ascertain cause


My bet is, your battery is too dead to run the engine, which could be caused from a bad alternator. You can check the voltage at the battery using a digital multimeter (DMM). It should be around 12.5vdc or better. If it is less than this, try charging it and seeing if that allows you to start and run the engine. If it doesn't take a charge, then you'll need ...


As far as the charging circuit and alternator, this battery shouldn't cause your car any issues. Your potential issue with getting a battery of a different size is its physical size and how the posts are situated on the battery itself. As long as it will physically fit into the battery box dimensions without interfering with anything and the posts are in ...

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