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CAN Bus action list

You can send raw (CAN) frames on an ELM327. You can also sniff/monitor the CAN bus on an ELM327. The accepted answer above is not correct. If you look at the free AUtoCommander product it, and it ...
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OBD fault codes vs. pending fault codes

My understanding of pending codes are; the error was corrected and may require up to three separate driving cycles to ensure the error doesn't return to remove it from pending status or a battery ...
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Golf 7 key stolen, which fuse to remove to disable car key reprogramming?

There is no fuse to remove that will disable immobilizer programming. You can how ever remove the fuse for the obd2 power. That will slow someone down since their tool would no longer be powered and ...
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2016 Traverse-OBDII readiness check

OBDII readiness checks have to do with emissions. To my knowledge, there is absolutely zero tie-in between the readiness checks and the AirCon unit in the vehicle.
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Flow Control for Multiline Responses for Custom 15765-4 CAN messages over ELM327

Are you honoring the time constraints? As per the ISOTP standard, flow control responses must be sent within 1000ms otherwise the frame gets discarded. That said, are you sure that your OBD2 adapter ...

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