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Check for corrosion or discolored pins on the tester and receptacle. Your tester could have bad connection internally causing it to “see” a low voltage from your vehicle. If you have a multimeter check for the correct voltage at the test receptacle. If that’s not where it should be, I would trace the wiring looking for a resistance (ie, corrosion or loose ...


Make sure you have battery voltage on pin 16, and ground at 4. If you have voltage, probably have scanner problems.


Well, there could be a number of things wrong, but here are three possibilities. If your fuel filter is dirty, the engine will hesitate or misfire upon startup. Also, if the belt slips on the alternator pulley on startup, it may not be able to give the spark plugs enough power to ignite the fuel in some of the cylinders. Later, the belt will heat up and grip ...

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