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The Prestone Synthetic Asian formulation power steering fluid for Honda is $6.99 for a 10 oz bottle at Walmart. I flushed my '06 Accord ps system with two bottles at 130K. Another few K and I'll flush it with another bottle. Also bought a case of DW-1 ATF for under $100. Drain and fill every 50K. Cheap insurance.


Because as the power needed for turning the wheels increases the price and size of the necessary electric motor increases exponentially ie gets very expensive. However the hydraulic pump and hydraulic motor needed are easily available in many sizes and the price is cheaper than electric. Also consider that 10, 20 or more years ago any electric motor system ...


The crew of the series Mythbusters did just as you've described, replacing the steering wheel with a geared servo motor controlled by radio control, along with throttle management. The brake pedal was also handled by geared servos. The need for this was to be able to destroy the rear axle of a vehicle without endangering a human operator. A quick google ...

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