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You will need the details of the material which you have. We don't have that material. Once you check the detail for that sheet then you will know how the material behaves in UV and what protection it provides. Most new cars now have sufficient UV protection anyway built into the paint system applied to the car. It is mostly older cars that suffer from UV ...


It is possible to destroy a 12 volt device by plugging it into a 24 volt supply. ... I ran tests on the battery and found that it had a voltage of more than 13 volts because of the constantly connected charger.


A 24 volt motor will likely run at half it’s designed speed when running on 12 volts, so it probably isn’t even worth plugging it in. It is more than likely safe to plug it in, but because we don’t know how it is constructed it is impossible to say.


Modern cars are safer, but not as much as the the auto industry would have you believe, nor as much as an average person who sees crash tests on TV that look good believes. The average person doesn't analyze the crash test dummy data nor considers how much real world conditions vary from a laboratory crash test. Much of the safety increase comes from ...


So, on a Landrover you could ask for 3 fuel tanks, two of 10 gallons and one of 16 for a total of 36 gallons. Usually only specified by the military, but some ordinary customers did specify the two 10 gallon tanks. Then it was also possible to do custom tanks for more storage and racks for jerrycans...

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