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Looks like the green eye is leaking a tiny amount of electrolyte and the liquid layer on the battery collects dust. (Those green indicators are almost pointless, but they probably sell the batteries better.) The leak is minor and probably won't affect the battery performance. It is, however, probably enough to cause accelerated corrosion of the battery ...


It looks to me as the battery has been boiled, meaning the alternator overcharged it. This has several implications: If the alternator overcharged it, then it will do so again. If this is the case, you need to have the alternator tested to ensure the internal regulator is fully functioning. Overcharging is as bad (or worse) than undercharging. You can do a ...


All looks very dry. Remove, clean and put some grease or petroleum jelly on the terminals. Otherwise looks very dusty.


You can visit such websites as EpicVin, VinInspect, VinGurus and VinChain to identify the real mileage.


Find the wires that connect to the relevant motor and power them direct. I suggest you use an inline fuse as well. Make sure you keep your fingers clear when it moves.


As far as the charging circuit and alternator, this battery shouldn't cause your car any issues. Your potential issue with getting a battery of a different size is its physical size and how the posts are situated on the battery itself. As long as it will physically fit into the battery box dimensions without interfering with anything and the posts are in ...


If the battery will start the car and is over (or in the neighborhood of) 12.5vdc, I doubt you have anything to worry about. The great thing about most battery manufacturers is, their warranty usually covers for at least three years. This means, if the battery does fail you, you shouldn't have a problem getting it replaced. Really, what I'd do with it is, ...

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