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Checking the pg. 28 of service manual suggests that you don't need to add any oil for replacing the dryer itself - just the 1ml for the replacing the hose: Replacement parts Amount of oil replenishment Evaporator 114 ml (3.9 US fl oz, 4.0 Imp fl oz) Condenser 7 ml (0.24 US fl oz, 0.25 Imp fl oz) Hose 1 ml (0.03 US fl oz, 0.04 Imp fl oz) PS: While the ...


Both places I use have the machine to remove refrigerant and oil, test for leaks then refill with correct amounts of oil and refrigerant. I would not take a risk but get it done professionally, the previous owner of my car wrecked the compressor...


ac system not charged enough, dirty ac compressor and condenser, compressor broken, leak. alternator could be dying. sometimes the battery isn't charged enough and the car doesn't work properly.pulley, belt. could be anything spin the wheel


What is your question? If you are trying to remove the snap ring just use a flat bladed screw driver and Needle nose pliers and pry the two ends apart. Be careful of the snap ring flying off.....

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