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In your situation, the most common cause is gasoline which has deteriorated and is blocking lines, pump, carburetor or other parts of the fuel system. Just having a wet spark plug does not assure proper mixing and atomization of the fuel. The normal fix is to drain the fuel system, replace the fuel, and "rebuild" the carburetor, which is a ...


The 1999 Vulcan 1500 has a carbureted engine and carburetors are often damaged by sitting with fuel in them. Since you said you "replaced the gasoline" that leads me to believe that you also left the gasoline in the fuel system during storage. That is almost certainly the problem here. When Ethanol-containing gasoline is left it sit, it ...


The honda ignition switches are common failures. It sounds very likely to be your problem. Not the lock cylinder. The plastic switch. What happens is the plastic gets worn out from the metal spindle on the back of the lock cylinder to where it can no longer complete the turn to the spring loaded "crank" position.


The first video sounds like it could be injectors. It is how it would sound if the cylinders were flooded. One way to tell if this is a possibility would be to smell the oil and check its level. If it smells like there's a lot of fuel it in, the injectors are very high on the suspect list. I'm not sure on the third video, but that's exactly how I'd expect an ...

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