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If you have no air in the system, and if your master cylinder is functioning properly, there is a possibility that the parking brakes are misadjusted or not functioning properly causing too much brake pedal movement before shoes make sufficient contact with the drums.


I don't know the year, make, model or brake system type. But if you have air in the antilock system you could try bleeding the pump. This requires a scan tool with that capability. If you don't have access to a scan tool , you could try bench bleed and hope it works. It seems like you are bleeding correctly, so if there are no leaks, it is most likely the ...


Yes you need to pull your master cylinder(MC) and bench bleed it. Air in your brake lines can be removed by a normal bleed of pushing the brake pad and keeping the MC filled above the min line. But once air gets in the MC it cant get out of the MC by that push on the brake pad method. You need to find the workshop manual for your specific car for ...


It's quite possible that if you've let it get too low, air has got back into the system - in which case I think the only option is to start again...

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