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You can always go get a 2nd opinion. In your case, though, if your caliper was stuck (or sticking) and caused the brakes to overheat as you suggested, it is completely within reason the excess heat/wear presented to the rotor has caused it to fail (or become out of its tolerance range). This would mean it needed to be machined or replaced. If the same ...


there are several issues to this can be driving style,sticking caliper pins,caliper not fully releasing,restricted brake hose and if your subaru has an electronic parking brake that is bad.also in some cases a brake pad can get jammed in crooked and wedge itself against the rotor.


Edit: Having seen the added pictures, I wouldn't call any of that "heavy rust". Brakes usually look a lot worse than that around here and still work fine. This is what heavy rust looks like. So the answer below may not be much good anymore. Your brakes may still need replacement but it might be worth getting a second opinion. Orginal answer: The ...


I'm having a silimar issue with my Toyota Yaris which I'm yet to fix, but I know for sure what is causing it: rust on the ABS sensor. Every wheel has an ABS sensor which reads the wheel speed. During braking, if one of the sensors read 0 and other sensors have a different reading, the wheel is skidding, so the brake pressure must be released a little. (This ...


When they pressed your bearing in, they rested weight on the Brake bracket bolts . These bent when the press pushed the bearing.

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