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Since the vehicle is sort of starting for a couple of seconds, I'm pretty sure we can rule out the ignition as an issue, as well as compression. The first place I'd look and which is probably at fault is the fuel pump isn't pumping, or the fuel filter isn't allowing fuel to pass. Either way, your first step is to check fuel pressure at the fuel rail to see ...


The first things to check is: Does it have spark at the spark plugs. You can purchase a spark tester at auto parts store. Is it getting fuel to the fuel rail? You can get a fuel pressure gauge. Do you have compression? Tested with a compression tester. If you can't or won't start with these tests, you can take it to a shop for diagnosis. Usually cheaper ...


You can help diagnose this issue by finding out whether the problem is from the ignition switch and after or prior to it eg to do with alignment, ignition lock cylinder etc. Unscrew the electronic side of the ignition switch. Insert key and turn to start position. Use a flathead to manually turn the inside of the ignition switch. If the car starts or at ...


They are packed with grease to reduce wear and provide many years of life - key cylinders, cable mechanisms, shifters, actuators, levers of all kinds, . All that grease does not interfere with electrical conductivity. If you remove it, you will reduce the life expectancy of the part.

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