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I'm assuming you have a no-crank-no-start, and not just a no-start condition? Confirm that the battery is at 12.4-12.6 volts or above. Confirm that you have battery positive on the alternator's terminal. Confirm that the alternator is properly tightened down. IF your battery is still good and charged, a bad alternator will not cause a no-crank-no-start ...


Heat is bad for the diodes so if the alternator is anywhere near an exhaust manifold they do not have long life. I had an 85 300ZX with no turbo ;Because the turbo space was available ,Nissan put the alternator in the space. I think it was 3 alternators in 5 years.


When a Battery is disconnected from a running engine, there is a milliseconds high voltage spike that occurs the instant the terminal leaves the battery connector. Some researchers say it can be as much as 150v in your vehicles 12v circuitry. Remember that ECU operating voltage is 5v. A customer brought a car to me with all the lamps blown. I asked him what ...


You need to know how the alternator is controlled - either its regulator will be internal or external - even included as part of the engine ecu. Easy enough to bench spin it with an electric motor and then provide a known good battery and a control system. A control system can be as simple as a variable resistor to drive the rotor current, and if the ...

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