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Normally a phase change of coolant in an engine is either the conversion of liquid coolant to gas (boiling), or the conversion of liquid coolant to solid (freezing). Most liquid cooled internal combustion engines are water based coolant systems. And an unfortunate characteristic of water is that when it freezes (solidifies) there is an increase in volume. ...


Not likely , the coolant is moving around the system which is why there is a water pump... So, the coolant is pushed about and makes bubbles as it goes. Best way to find a leak is to do a pressure test.


I added 44 oz of radiator flush and drain/refill/drain refill (with distilled water) three times. After flushing with distilled water 3X the flush is well diluted. While it would be best to drain it all out, there is obviously no way to do that apart from disassembling the entire cooling system and draining each component. I'd assume that the remaining ...


You may have a blown head gasket. Do a cylinder leakdown test to either confirm or eliminate that possibility before replacing any more parts.

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