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Unless there is something different about your engine, I can’t see how a leaking head gasket could cause coolant to get to the the plug hole. Maybe a crack in the head would allow coolant there. Often the plug hole is surrounded by oil in the rocker cover and a leaking seal will let oil get to the plug, but not coolant. Are there coolant pipes running near ...


Were the heads decked (checked and milled perfectly flat) when you last had the head gasket replaced? This indicates that they weren't, and you'll never get a good seal if there is any warping on the heads.


Does coolant fluid in the cylinder well indicate gasket failure again? Indeed it does! Or it may also mean that the original problem was not actually a head gasket. The next likely causes are warped or cracked cylinder head or engine block.


First, it appears to me there's shmoo all around the neck. Remember, water only runs downhill. If you're not seeing it spray when it's hot, then there's just about no way for it to be coming out from where you're pointing at. Secondly, look to the easy fix first. You can at least discount it. The cap is by far going to go bad before the radiator itself. You ...


One thing that comes to mind is that you might have a badly slipping serpentine belt, except you haven't mentioned any of the squeaking noise that I would expect to accompany this issue. Is there any chance that whistling noise you heard was actually a slipping belt? The power steering assist reduction you noticed might point in this direction as well. A ...


The water pump tends to leak (more in some cases, or only in some cases) when the engine is running due to a few reasons: the pump causes a pressure difference in the system the cooling system becomes pressurised due to temperature to above atmospheric pressure the rotation of the pump shaft acts on the seals and if the bearings have failed the shaft ...

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