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One of the issues is air control at very small openings. Smaller throttle bodies work better at or near idle (in general). As for maximum performance, a key input is V.E. (volumetric efficiency). To achieve high numbers, smooth airflow is important. Smooth flow promotes high velocity flow which in turn creates momentum. So when the piston hits bottom, ...


I used above formulas to create below gnuplot helper functions vol_eff = 0.8322 f_time(x) = x/1000 f_rpm_to_rps(x) = x/60 f_mbar_to_kpa(x) = x / 1000 * 100 f_celcius_to_kelvin(x) = x + 273.15 f_imap(rpm, press_mbar, temp_c) = f_rpm_to_rps(rpm) * (f_mbar_to_kpa(press_mbar) / f_celcius_to_kelvin(temp_c) / 2) f_maf(rpm, press_mbar, temp_c) = f_imap(rpm, ...

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