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This comports with my basic understanding of the term. On the other hand we are advised to adjust the chainsaw carburetor for power and not for speed, with power referring to best performance while actually cutting wood, under load. Adjusting for speed may result in too lean a mixture.


My sons 99 LS1 Trans Am started to lose power after running fine to the last gear but then it would lose power and run the rpms 2000 at 35 mph. Yesterday, he stopped on the side of the road because it had a smell like something burning and a little bit of greyish smoke was coming from the back. He let it cool and made it home. No more smoke. When the ...


I was in the automotive repair business for 20 years. The simple answer is NO! However, it sounds as if the vehicle is still running (if the author is merely "afraid" it will "blow up" at a future time, and is considering working on it to get it to "last longer"). In that case, I'm wondering what has actually happened to the vehicle. This question makes ...

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