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You set the region to the area where you use the car - different countries have different recommended service intervals. Your dealer can tell you which one they use, but you can always override it if you want. This only relates to when the idiot light appears on the dashboard, and nothing else. JPN = Japan NAS = (not sure if this is North America, or North ...


Are you in the state or Canada because if you are in Canada you have got two options one is Ontario more often than not items like shocks are way way cheaper. Option two is Carid or Rock Auto, ask for a Canadian or America or Mexican made part as there is no broker fee on them when they cross in to the country I have saved thousands of dollars buying parts ...


The external shift linkage probably had to be removed and reinstalled when the clutch was changed, and may have been re-installed or re-adjusted incorrectly. If that isn't the problem, then there's an internal fault in the gearbox. The linkage is probably easier to get to, and — if the gearbox worked correctly before the clutch R&R was done — more ...


Yes, if you can find a place capable or prepared to do the work. The price may change depending on if you remove the parts or expect them to.

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