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AC compressors are either on or off. The energy draw is exactly the same, regardless of paint color. Now, a black interior versus a light-colored interior will make a small difference, as the interior of the car will be warmer, and thus cause the AC to run longer. But the difference is so small that you won't notice it.


I used above formulas to create below gnuplot helper functions vol_eff = 0.8322 f_time(x) = x/1000 f_rpm_to_rps(x) = x/60 f_mbar_to_kpa(x) = x / 1000 * 100 f_celcius_to_kelvin(x) = x + 273.15 f_imap(rpm, press_mbar, temp_c) = f_rpm_to_rps(rpm) * (f_mbar_to_kpa(press_mbar) / f_celcius_to_kelvin(temp_c) / 2) f_maf(rpm, press_mbar, temp_c) = f_imap(rpm, ...

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