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Car overheating and car smells like coolant

What you described is very much an accurate representation of a leak in the cooling system, localized to the heater core. The smell in the cabin is particularly telling. One can hope that no damage ...
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Peugeot 206 suspected heater matrix leak

That buildup is definitely the sign of a leak, probably from the seal at that joint. It could have simply worked loose, or the seal could have degraded. If it was me I would drain the system, clean up ...
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Ford F150 1999 4.6L anti freeze leaks from drain on engine wall

The heatercore is hot regardless of the position of the knob on the dash. The knob just controls if a small door covers it. If the heater core was replaced with a cheap aftermarket unit it may have ...
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Ford F150 1999 4.6L anti freeze leaks from drain on engine wall

It's your heater core. The blend door only controls air flow inside the HVAC unit. The heater core bypasses the thermostat so that heat can be achieved as the engine warms, you don't have to wait ...
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Two Questions Regarding Issues With my Subaru SVX Cooling System

To answer the 2nd question: No. There has to be pressure in the system for the coolant to press past the radiator cap. Think of this as a controlled leak. If there is a leak in the heater core, this ...
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How do I test a heater core [before installing it]?

Once you have pressurized it, immerse it in the bath to see where any leaks are, just like doing a bicycle inner tube repair. I would also keep the air supply connected so you get a constant stream of ...
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2000 Ford Expedition XLT 5.4, Possible Bad Heater Core?

Sounds odd. If the core was blocked, then hose water inserted in one side wouldn't come out the other. So I doubt its blocked. More than likely you have an air pocket, and that tells me your ...
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Heater core failed for the second time

Did you use the recommended coolant fluid? Did you mix coolants of different colors? Coolant formulations differ greatly. The engine coolant fluid has to be changed periodically (usually, 2 years for ...
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