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What happens when cranking vehicle in gear?

Assuming that you have somehow managed to defeat any modern safety features then, yes, you will be turning the transmission. The starter motor will engage the flywheel and will try to turn the in-...
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Is the crankcase gasket really necessary

Consider making a gasket, either use the old one as a pattern or use the cover itself. The gasket is used to absorb any imperfections between the surfaces so they do not "chatter" ie rub on each ...
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Should the PCV breather hose affect fuel trims?

With the pipe disconnected and open to the air (not plugged), as you say, unmetered air will be getting in, bypassing the air flow meter. Therefore the mixture calculated by the engine ECU using ...
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Positive crankcase pressure in Astra H 2008 Z14XEP

Sound to me like I would want to rule out a cylinder head gasket, or possibly a cylinder head. You could have a leak from the coolant to the oil passage, which is causing coolant to mix with oil, ...
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