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Honda truck waiting recall parts/sitting @ dealer lot....good or bad?

What can go wrong, Your battery will go dead, then you will need a new one, full discharge of the battery for any length of time ruins a lead acid battery. Possible vandalism or theft of the vehicle ...
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Honda truck waiting recall parts/sitting @ dealer lot....good or bad?

Yeah. Gotta be way careful with Air Conditioning (A/C) system as well. If the car is facing a particular direction when parked, the sunlight can heat up the Air Conditioning condenser in front of the ...
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timing belt and camsaft problems vtec 3.5 v6 honda ridgeline

As long as the marks on the camshafts and crank line up it's fine. Make sure you have enough slack on the tension side of the belt to prevent spinning. It also helps to install the tensioner after you ...
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2009 Honda Ridgeline power steering problem

I had a 1990 Honda Accord that had a very similar problem. It would often make a squealing/whirring noise when turning at intersections. The noise sounded like it was coming from the other side of the ...
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Trailer lights on Ridgeline not working and showing low voltage

You should be getting +12V on each line when activated. I think you need to trace back wherever this was installed and I'm guessing its not OEM. I'd put money on the fact that its wired underneath the ...
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Rock in Disk Brake, Sounds Horrible

1.Is there any danger from driving with this rock in there, or is just noise? I assume like a rock in your hubcap or tire tread, annoying but not life threatening. The noise level would probably ...
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