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Questions tagged [ridgeline]

Vehicle manufactured by Honda Motors. It is a compact 4-door pickup truck.

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0 answers

2006 Honda Ridgeline timing

The cam moved while trying to get the belt on but when I try and put it back on the timing mark, it must be on a lobe and it keeps wanting to jump backwards about 5 lobes or forwards 5 lobes, this is ...
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2009 Honda Ridgeline power steering problem

My 2009 Honda Ridgeline has been making weird whirring noises when turning . The noises have been coming from the power steering. Should I get the power steering fixed right away, or will it last a ...
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2 votes
2 answers

Trailer lights on Ridgeline not working and showing low voltage

I've just acquired a 2010 Honda Ridgeline. The truck was equipped with a 7 pins trailer plug. I have very little knowledge on the history of the truck, so no idea how it was installed, if it was ...
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Blowing fuse 13 horn, brakes

I have a 2008 honda ridgeline. one day i put it in park and it would not come back out of park. not only that, but the horn would not work, and the brake lights would not work. i found fuse#13 to be ...
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2 answers

Rock in Disk Brake, Sounds Horrible

Short Back story: I bought a Honda Ridgeline Second generation (2016 - current), 11,000 miles from the dealer, with a state inspection performed on the purchase date. The next day and a maybe 35 ...
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3 votes
1 answer

timing belt and camsaft problems vtec 3.5 v6 honda ridgeline

I am working on my honda ridgeline 2006 vtec 3.5 v6 and need help. I marked the pulleys but did not mark the old belt the camsaft in the back spinned on me twice the first time put the cam back to ...
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2 answers

Honda truck waiting recall parts/sitting @ dealer lot....good or bad?

My Honda Ridgeline was recalled for airbags. It has been sitting on a lot in oh-so-hot South Carolina now for a month. They say it could be August till I get my truck back. (shortage of parts) Now -...
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0 answers

Hooking up daytime running lights on my vehicle using relays

I am looking to run my 2006 Honda Ridgeline's daytime running lights on 50% power, or close to it, on the accessory wire. When I turn my park lights, head lights, or brights on, I would like them to ...
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