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A typical brake assembly has a single or double piston on one side, when the brake pedal is depressed the piston pushes the pad into the rotor, and pushes the assembly, including the caliper, in the opposite direction. The caliper slides on pins, allowing even force to be applied on both sides of the rotor. It sounds like the caliper seized, keeping the ...


The most common thing is a warped rotor. Even though it's new doesn't mean it's not warped. Sometimes an inferior quality rotor can be warped out of the box. Rotors can also become warped quickly by sticking calipers and\or slides or bad brake hoses. These can cause the rotors to overheat and warp in short order. If hub is excessively dirty it can also cause ...


After bringing it back to the mechanic, here's what was concluded: 1) Old rotors didn't cause knocking. 2) New rotors caused knocking. We suspect a defect in one of the rear rotors (Raybestos Coated) 3) Mechanic installed their own rotors, which solved the problem. It looks like the I actually had a defective rotor causing this issue. But don't forget to ...


The same happened to me. Turned out to be a bad alternator. My alternator was generating 19v. Abs module is a complex system including a motor. When it sense overvolts, it shuts it down itself tl prevent further damage.

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