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Alternator doesn't charge the battery when idle with head lights on

My car is a Mitsubishi Magna TH 1999 3.5L Auto. The alternator gives no voltage at idle with headlights & fan on. The battery gets drained. The alternator warning light pops up. If revved a little ...
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Alternator / Regulator / Battery issue with Yamaha XJ 600

I don't use my XJ 600 so often and a few months ago, it wouldn't start due to an empty battery. The battery was old. I got a new one, and a SC10 "smart" charger to take good care of it. Two ...
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Schematic for Ford IASF Regulator

Where can I find the internal schematic for the common Ford external alternator regulator, the one with I A S F terminals? I believe these type regulators were very common in the '80s. And also the ...
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Removing a Voltage Regulator after exchanging a dynamo for an alternator

Authi Mini 998 MK2 from 1972 (spanish mini) I removed my dynamo and replaced it with an alternator. Alternators have internal voltage regulators making the existing voltage regulator innecesary, ...
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How to minimize voltage loss

I have a '79 bike that is currently experiencing voltage loss, causing the battery to die after a couple hours of riding. It is clear there is lots of corrosion and rust on many of the wires and ...
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Can i modify my motorcycle voltage regulator cooling fins?

On my motorcycle, I have a voltage regulator similar to this one: Some times over long trips and especially in summer, it tends to get really hot even though it is located under the subframe, exposed ...
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Charging problem

Ducati 450 scrambler 1975 converted to 12v with Luas Rita AB11 electronic ignition it is so easy to start with this modification I put a new original alternator 3 face that gives up to 55v at 5000rpm ...
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1990 F-150 Eating Alternators

My old truck has a problem with zapping alternators. It's a 1990 F-150 with a 5L V8. Specifically, I believe the voltage regulator is going out. Giving it a lot of gas seems to always be the event ...
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How likely it is that low alternator voltage cause Xenon HID headlamps ballast to fail?

It seems that the alternator is producing a bit low voltage, about 13.4V max, while this should be over 14V AFAIK, undercharing the battery. The left Xenon HID headlamp ballast failed some time ago, ...
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How can I confirm a faulty alternator or regulator with only a basic digital multimeter at hand?

Make: Maruti Suzuki Model: 800 hatchback Engine: F8B MPFI Battery: Exide 35AH 2.5 year old Rated OCV 12.92 Location: Nagpur, India. Daytime Temp about 44C Background: Around November/December ...
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How much accurate car cigarette lighter port is?

My car's generator is putting out 13.5 voltages when on full load (blower, ac, lights etc) but when i check the voltage on car's cigarette lighter port it it drops to even 11.6 when blower is on, when ...
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What is BM voltage?

I'm reading in my car's repair manual that I need to check "power supply voltage (+BM)". It also uses the phrase: "power supply circuit (+BM)". What is BM voltage?
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Battery Voltage low when car is running. Should I be concerned?

Car: 2010 Mazda 3 GT 2.5L Manual 160,000KMs I purchased the car 3 months ago not knowing the history of the battery, I wanted to test it. I measured the voltage across my battery using a voltmeter ...
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Should an alternator ever run over 14.5V?

Bought a replacement alternator but I am sending it back as I measured and have seen it running over 16.5V. The manual says the regulator should keep it to a max of about 14.5V. I put a brand new and ...
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replacing a voltage regulator on a snow machine with a tansistor of some sort?

I have a 2002 Grand Touring 600 se. For some odd reason there are no aftermarket manufactures who producing voltage regulators for my year and model of snowmachine. There are other models that have ...
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