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5 votes
3 answers

Tried to use cig lighter in my 12 volt plug now charger won’t work

I forgot my lighter inside and remembered I grabbed the cig lighter from my old car and tried to use it in my 04 Chevy venture and of course it didn’t work but now my Bluetooth radio connector/charger ...
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1 answer

Oil sump bolt: blue-loctite... too tight, even with leverage. What now?

Busy doing an oil change. I have inserted engine flush, and now am ready to drain. But.... I have tried loosening this oil-sump bolt/plug and it is going absolutely nowhere unless I'm prepared to push ...
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5 votes
1 answer

Drain Plug Crush Washer- Installed wrong size

Nissan Frontier 2018 4.0L. SV Parts store said I could use any washer in an assorted pack of washers labeled M14. Upon looking further into issue I found that a M12 is the correct size. I already ...
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Should I discard my tire that was repaired using a rope plug? [closed]

Last week, I found my RAV4's tire had gone flat flat. The culprit: a bolt in the middle of my tire's tread, right in a tread void. I had a rope plug kit (something like Slime Tire Plug Kit) and ...
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2 answers

A very stuck oil plug

I have a 2005 Dodge Stratus, this is my first time doing the oil change (I'm the 3 owner). I can't get the oil plug off. I have tried a ratchet , wrench and a hammer. The car was warm when I tried I ...
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3 votes
1 answer

What's the function of the two trailer sockets?

Simple question folks. There are two trailer sockets on my Rangerover, one has a white cap, the other black. What is the difference and what are they for?
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1 answer

Weird object in cylinder head preventing spark plug install

My friend has an 04 Acura TL (Engine Model J32A3). The car was loosing power and shuddering and the engine light came on. It appears that each cylinder is misfiring. Below is a screenshot of the code ...
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