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Questions tagged [volt]

Vehicle made by Chevrolet which is powered by a gas/electric drive train.

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3 answers

Tried to use cig lighter in my 12 volt plug now charger won’t work

I forgot my lighter inside and remembered I grabbed the cig lighter from my old car and tried to use it in my 04 Chevy venture and of course it didn’t work but now my Bluetooth radio connector/charger ...
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Problem with 2017 Chevy Volt Engine starting unexpectedly (Not maintenance)

My car has recently begun starting the motor any time I'm moving at low speeds and accelerate rapidly. It's as though it was trying to give me some extra power... but it's actually a bit of a ...
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3 votes
3 answers

Rear window shatters after closing door

2017 Chevy Volt... Car is parked all day in an underground parking garage. After work I get in and close the door and hear a noise similar to ice crumbling on the rear window. I look back and see ...
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Would the GM extended-range electric VOLTEC system be practical in a truck or SUV?

Last December, I became owner of a 2014 Volt which uses GM's "voltec" system, where the first ~40 miles after plugging in are pure electric and the vehicle switches to gasoline afterward at ~40 MPG. ...
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2017 Volt misfire during open loop

2017 Volt Engine misfires while in open loop. No DTC, so dealerships cannot diagnose. Their mechanic experienced the misfire on test drive. Intermittent miss: similar to a failing plug wire. Question: ...
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5 answers

Is it bad to run a chevy volt out of gas on a regular basis?

The new Volts have a "hold" mode where they will hold on to their current charge and just use the gas engine. I'm sure I can run it out of gas and then have 40-50 miles to hit a gas station on a long ...
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