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07 Acura TL types S

Car has a loud whining sounds throughout all gears including neutral. The sound doesn't change as the wheel turns, but it does increases as engine is revved. It's not a squealing sound. I have changed ...
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Parasitic Draw Traced to Interior Light Circuit but No Lights On In Car

I have diagnosed 2004 Acura TL with a multimeter a parasitic drain on my car and narrowed it down to the interior light circuit. Before I started pulling fuses to see which circuit was the culprit, ...
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Weird object in cylinder head preventing spark plug install

My friend has an 04 Acura TL (Engine Model J32A3). The car was loosing power and shuddering and the engine light came on. It appears that each cylinder is misfiring. Below is a screenshot of the code ...
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I did a oil change but forgot to drain the pan and now I have oil leaking through air intake

It's blowing out thick white smoke and rattling pretty hard, I have motor oil coming out of my air intake and I can't put the air conditioning on cause it just shut the car off. I don't know what to ...
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