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When using a car to generate electricity, what factors affect its efficiency?

A group of friends and I are all going camping, and have some minor back-up power needs (and no generator). We're trying to figure out which of our cars is best to plug an inverter into: most ...
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What are some installation best practices of a higher-wattage, pure-sine inverter to connect to pre-April, 2016 Model S Tesla?

This is a follow up question of "What is the best price-to-value 2000 w pure sine inverter for a mid-2015 Tesla Model S with a DC-DC inverter?" Question My understanding is there are (at ...
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What is the best price-to-value 2000 w pure sine inverter for a mid-2015 Tesla Model S with a DC-DC inverter? [closed]

On a non-OEM installation of a 1000 w inverter "us[ing] 4 AWG wire directly to the 12V battery posts with a 100A fuse on the positive terminal, and replaced the switch on the inverter with a ...
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Trying to purchase correct power inverter for long trip, confused by the specifications

I am going on a long road trip with a buddy soon and I was going to use a power inverter that plugs into the cigarette lighter socket of his car so I could use my laptop while we drive. I'm trying to ...
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RV inverter wiring

I would like to install an inverter in my 5th-wheel. I want it wired into the panel so that the trailer will switch between shore/generator/inverter automatically. The problem is, there are a few ...
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Dual alternator installation

I'm in the process of adding a second alternator to my Chevy express. The factory 145A alternator will be used solely to power vehicle systems, and secondary 240A alternator will be used to power a ...
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Running inverters from Hyundai Ioniq EV's 12V 180 watt rated sockets (two of them)

Edit: I am now planning to run an inverter from the battery which says 40Ah on it to a 400w pure sine wave inverter, with peak power 800w.
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Cigarette lighter fuse repeatedly blows when connecting car inverter

I was using this car charger to charge my MacBook Pro from past two months without any issue in my Swift Dzire 2012 model. Today, I connected two laptops at the same time using a multi socket ...
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Why doesn't the AC inverter support my laptop?

I have a 2017 Jeep Grand Cherokee and it has a built in inverter outlet for plugging in standard appliances. I'm in the USA, so this is 120V AC power. I know that the output works because I use it for ...
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Is the 3 pin plug provided in a cigarette lighter port inverter (12v-220) actually grounded?

I have been planning to buy a 12v car inverter, that plugs into the cigarette lighter port and puts out 220v with max 200watts, for sometime now. The one that I ordered is of brand portronics and has ...
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Powering a large electrical load with an alternator and high idle system

I have to install an inverter in a work truck that will power work lights, some power tools, and other equipment too be used while the truck is parked. I've calculated the load to be at max 750 watts, ...
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24v Inverter configuration help

I am looking to run a 24v inverter in my Citreon Xsara Picasso to power two 1300w coffee machines. does the configuration in the picture look right to you? Would both batteries charge from the ...
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USB car inverter keeps burning out?

My car is around 8 years old now. I had a cheap USB inverters to charge my phone in my Toyota for 8 years and it recently died. Then I bought another another cheap USB inverter and it worked for ...
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Use electric vehicle as a mobile power source

I have a mobile car-wash company and I want my guys to have a fully 220V (2000W-3000W) power outlet available to plug their vacuum cleaners into. I thought I could buy an electric vehicle to "...
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Limiting power from inverter

I have a Honda Accord 2003 which has a 7.5A fuse going to the accessory power sockets. I want to run something which would need an 8A fuse, but I recognize I can't simply swap it out. Could I ...
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power inverter to run a shop vac. Could alternator be damaged by this?

I have a standard 200 watt power inverter which I have used to power a sound system off of my Econoline e250 on multiple occasions with no problem. I tried to run a 4hp rigid shop vac off of it and ...
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How many amps will an inverter take from a battery connected to a car?

I have a 2000 w inverter that I use as an emergency generator. It has a dedicated connection to the battery. In the instructions it says to connected to the car battery and to keep the car running. I ...
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How do I keep an idle/unused battery ready for immediate use?

I have purchased an Exide Power MF Battery 120 A/H for my home inverter. I need to use that inverter only when there is no electricity. That can happen once a month or like that. So my question is, If ...
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Help - camper van electrics

I have bought a 24v inverter (I know) for my camper van that I will be powering by 2x12v batteries in a series.... my question is can I run the rest of the 12v appliances lights etc off one of the 12v ...
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