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Range rover L322 suspension air bug

My L322 (2005) has a suspension air bag that won't allow air to come in. I took it out, to try and insert the air manually, but still the air wouldn't go can I fix this?
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Can a separated/torn o-ring cause a P0106 error?

I have a 2011 Land Rover Range Rover Sport HSE with approximately 92k miles on it. About 2 months ago, the check engine light came on and my reader gave a P0106 error. Considering the mileage, it ...
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Help understanding CAN-bus signals to control camera module

Replaced car head unit with carplay (2011 Range Rover L322) and everything works except rearview camera. The input on the head unit works but the car doesn't send video signal when needed. Here is the ...
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Two engine codes 18DAF110. 18DAF118

I have a 2008 Range Rover HSE 4.4 engine and I got a control module code 18DAF110 and another code 18DAF118 could you let me know what these codes mean thank you
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Apple Wireless CarPlay

I have a vehicle that supports Apple CarPlay, but I've only managed to get it working when using a USB cable. Is there a way to get it working wirelessly over bluetooth? Specifically the vehicle is a ...
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What Coolant Hose should I buy?

1999 Range Rover 4.6 HSE (P38): I have a leak in a coolant hose from the reservoir to the throttle body heating plate. Can I use any heater hose with some hose clamps, or does it need to be the exact ...
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What's the function of the two trailer sockets?

Simple question folks. There are two trailer sockets on my Rangerover, one has a white cap, the other black. What is the difference and what are they for?
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Eco OBD2 Range Rover Sport Battery Issue?

I installed an Eco OBD2 and within 24 hours had a battery warning light showing and as the car is over 4 years old assumed that the battery was coming to the end of its life. I removed the Eco OBD2 ...
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Cause of faulty EGR valve

I recently had my diesel Range Rover sport serviced but the garage didn’t re-seat the fuel filter correctly causing a leak of fuel. At the same time, my engine light came on and it turned out to be ...
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Information about "JLR DoiP VCI WI-FI"

Can anyone tell me more about below product: "JLR DoiP VCI WI-FI" 1 manufacturer (or alternatives?): I doubt it is made by Rover. what is it for: Yes, it is some sort of interface to connect ...
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Expansion tank overflow without cap

So my coolant expansion tank developed a leak. So I replaced it but forgot to bring the cap from the old tank. Anyway I thought that I would try filling it up and running it warm anyways. So I turned ...
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P0171 and P0174 in 2008 Range Rover HSE

I have a 2008 Range Rover HSE with 147,000 miles. I got a check engine light and the PID indicated catalytic converters in bank 2 were bad. I replaced the cats and then started getting P0171 and ...
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