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How do I install motorbike frame and swingarm protectors?

I am considering the purchase of frame and swingarm protectors for my track bike. Just to give you an idea, below are sample pictures of frame (left) and swingarm (right) protectors taken at random ...
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Can I damage motorcycle's geometry with too tight straps?

The motorcycle was tied with ratchet straps in the front by the fork from both sides and in the rear by the swing arm from both sides (shown in red marks on the image below). The problem is that ...
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3 answers

How rubber bushes works in parts like swing arms or wishbones?

I'm specifically trying to understand "where" the friction happens when swing arms or wishbones moves up/down. In an ordinary assembling, the securing bolt goes through a few stuff like chassis or ...
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Bolts vs. rivets for securing swing arm rubber bushing mount

The rear swing arms on my car have the mount for the rubber bushings riveted to the arm. It is a pain in the neck to replace the bushings, since you need to bring the whole arm to the rubber workshop. ...
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What are the Advantages of a Single Side SwingArm on Motorcycles?

I have noticed that Ducatis , Honda and Triumph have bikes with a Single Sided SwingArm Much like most of the scooters. Are there any advantages of following this design , if so why are not all ...
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What may happen if I do not replace my motorcycle's chain

I have a aging (y2k) motorcycle with not too many Ks on the clock. I have been told by a mechanic that I need to replace my sprockets and chain. This seems reasonable since the chain has been poorly ...
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My ER6 was lowered to accomodate a shorter driver than me. How can I adjust the height?

I want to adjust the height of my Kawazaki ER6n from 2006. Specifically, I want to reset the height to factory settings. Is this something that's possible to do without hiring a certified mechanic or ...
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