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How long is 1 qt extra oil safe to drive on (manufacturer calls for it during track days)?

The manual for my car calls for adding an additional quart of oil during track events. I always empty the excess when I get back home from my local track. But there's an event next year at a track ...
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12v car battery isolator switch keeps blowing

I've got an Audi TT MK2 2.0 TFSI which I'm preparing for track use. I want to fit a battery isolator switch as it will be sat not being used for long periods of time plus I think it's sensible for ...
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How do I install motorbike frame and swingarm protectors?

I am considering the purchase of frame and swingarm protectors for my track bike. Just to give you an idea, below are sample pictures of frame (left) and swingarm (right) protectors taken at random ...
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How do I know how much tread I have left on slick tyres?

I'm considering buying used slick tyres. When buying normal street tyres I'd normally look at the depth of the tread to know how many kilometers I can still do on them. However tread is non existent ...
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Hard vibration when idle under 1000 rpm

I have an Honda S2000 2002,137000km. Yesterday, while running on the Track I lost the two spring bolts on the header/tespipe... so the car started shaking badling and caused my aem v2 intake to loose ...
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What is causing vibration on my 2001 Miata LS track car?

I have a 2001 Miata LS with some moderate track modifications, including Bilstein coil-overs, a Hard Dog roll bar, Hawk HP+ brake pads, OMP seats with Schroth harnesses, Nitto NT01 tires, and more. It ...
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Why hasn't anyone beat the 6:11:13 Nürburgring Record set in 1983? [closed]

The fastest lap time set at the Nürburgring is 6:11:13, set by Stefan Bellof in 1983. It had 630HP and weighed 850kg. Article on the 956 Nürburgring Lap Times - Wikipedia However, we have lighter, ...
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